Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors

I think an easy and safe way to monitor our infants and small children would be very good. Todays monitors are expensive and have only one or two uses - video and voice. Adding that you need a proprietary device to see the video or hear the voice it renders the current solutions quite effective, but universally useless. My suggestion is that you test a placed camera with wifi and connect it to an app. This way we can monitor our young ones from anywhere.


The ability to see and hear whats going on at home, while at work could make for instance maternity leave much better - as both parents and perhaps other family members can partake and listen in on their loved ones at all times. Now, the parents need to have some admin rights to select when others can view and who gets access.

There have been cases where strangers have been able to access and communicate through insecure wi-fi enabled baby monitors. A product designed to make us feel safer should definitely make sure to have all their bases covered concerning access restriction and other security measures.

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