Ny transportvirkelighet

Ny transportvirkelighet

Jeg ønsker at dere ser på hvordan dataflyt, ansvar og eierskap utvikles når transport automatisere. Det kommer til å produsere så nye data, som så mange vil måtte ha tilgang til, samtidig som brukerne ikke vil kunne forstå omfanget eller konsekvenser av. Helsing Thomas Nortvedt


Not directly opposed to your thought. But big data is on the agenda in Norway and the rest of the world. They are constantly tesring the limits of electric information and its boundaries. These are things we in our everyday life shouldnt have to think about. We need clear and easy to understand information on how things are - thats it.

I'm very concerned with the increased trend of "connected" cars, both with regards to security and with regards to privacy. A connected car is potentially vulnerable to hacker attacks, which could lead to life-threatening situations. Some third-party tests that would guarantee robust connection, as well as easy to use, manual safeguards are necessary here. As regards privacy, this is equivalent to the tracking information that the GPS of smartphones records, so the same arguments hold here.

User data of cars, automated cars or not, are very sensitive. It is very important that this data is protected, not misused for other purposes and deleted when they are no longer needed. Also, users should be able to move their data when they change cars.

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